Artifex is now Type&Image

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you change Artifex's name to Type&Image?

After being made aware that our old name would inhibit our growth and ability to reach a broader audience, we have made the decision to change our name from Artifex to Type&Image. Some may call our name change an obstacle, but we call it a sign of our current and future success as a respected design agency! Our new name is exclusive to our agency and better defines who we are and what motivates us to perform the high level of work that you have come to expect from us. We think this new energy and revitalization of our brand will extend into the work we do, our relationship with you, and into our future growth as a respected design agency in the region.

Is Type&Image still the same company as Artifex?

Absolutely! Jenny has been with Artifex since 2007 and still remains at the company. We were not acquired by or merged with another company. The only thing that is changing is our name and website address (and therefore emails).

Has your contact information changed?

Yes, some of our information has changed. You can now email us at:

Emails sent to our old address ( will be forwarded to our new email addresses. We can still be reached by phone at (504) 315-5090.

Has your website changed?

Yes, our new website address is Our old web address ( now redirects to

If you have any questions about invoices, contracts, or other billing related information please contact Jenny at or (504) 315-5090.